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Are your selling online, or looking to? Not found what you needed, or not sure what to do?
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Developing something for the web?

I am a full-stack developer, that is experienced in a number of different tools and technologies. I am equally as happy working on improving the UX of an interface, as well as solving a processing or database storage issue in the back-end.

While I have capabilites in both, my strengths lie in front-end design, particularly at the intersection between design and back-end.

I collaborate with business owners, product managers, designers, and developers, to understand the problem to be solved, iterate on simplifying and improving solutions, and building out beautiful interfaces that work.

When you work with me, you get a defualt set of standards:

  • Compliant code
  • Optimised for mobile — Most of your customers and traffic will arrive on mobile
  • Responsive — In most cases, no need to develop separate mobile and desktop interfaces
  • Modern — I work with newer browser capabilites, with fallback for older browsers (except the now unsupported internet explorer).

If you work with these technologies, then I can be of some assistance:

  • PHP — I have been working with PHP from the very start. Laravel preferred these days.
  • Vue JS — I have found Vue JS to be the perfect framework for any web applications that require a lot of interactivity, or SPAs.
  • Google Cloud and Firestore — Google allows you to rapidly build applications without worrying as much about the back-end infrastructure.

To save us some time, here are some reasons why you probably shouldn't hire me:

  • You want to build a mobile app — I don't write code for iOS or Android. If a mobile app is the main focus of your business/project, then there are others more suited to his task.
  • You're looking around for the lowest price — I don't compete on price, and I don't have a fixed hourly or daily rate. I charge on a per project/value basis, and only engage with customers where I can provide high value and high quality that is worth investing in. If you are only interested in getting the work done, and not in how it is done, best to look elsewhere.
  • Quick one off piece of work — I don't compete on any rush jobs, as they tend to be lower in quality.
  • You need someone to manage your infrastrucure — I don't offer any services to manage AWS, Google Cloud, Digital Ocean, or any other server infrastructure.

Still with me? Then I'd love to hear from you and learn about what you're working on

Drop me an email to with details about your project. The more information you give me, the easier and faster it will be for me to get back to you. You can expect to hear back from me in 2-3 days max.

I look forward to hearing from you!

Find me online

When I'm not working for my customers, or on my side projects, you can catch me on LinkedIn or Twitter where I'm usually free to have a chat.

Local time in Dublin

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